2016 Beautiful Horse Quality Hay

NY Timothy First Cut and

Second cut w. Orchard. 90/10 mix

$12.00 /Sq bale pickup ( Sq bales - 55 lbs - First Cut) 

$12.00/Sq bale second cut 65 lb ave weight Pick up

$13.00/Sq bale delivered (First Cut)

$13.00/Sq bale delivered ( Second Cut) 

    All Delivery Charges, within 17 miles is 35.00

    $2.00/loaded mile for distances greater than 17 miles.   

Local Hay all cutting sold out for 2016

5.00/Sq bales pickup or delivery 

4.00/Sq bale if you pick up 

40 lb ave.

 Delivery and Pickup by appointment only

Deposit Good for 14days. Reserve Your Hay : PIck up ONLY
Reserve Your Hay - Pickup ONLY
Deposit deducted at pickup

Loss of deposit if your hay is not picked up with in 14days of your order placement